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Kwun Ya Kai, Taipa, Macau
Kwun Ya Kai, Taipa, Macau


Kwun Ya Kai - Taipa
Kwun Ya Kai - Taipa

 Taipa is famous for an array of traditional desserts and snacks, including wife cakes, meat pastries, chicken biscuits and fermented red bean curd biscuits. In the old town of Taipa, many cake shops have been run for several generations.

On Kwun Ya Kai (Rua do Cunha), you will be tempted by the smell of newly baked cakes and biscuits wafting out of the cake shops. Many local cake shops sell a variety of delicious desserts and cakes, which are much sought-after by tourists as souvenirs typical of Macao. Moreover, there are the famous Portuguese-style egg tarts, which are sold in most cafes and cake shops. There are also the popular pork chop buns, durian-flavour ice cream, Agar-Agar cakes, almond cakes and nougat sweets, all of which are both delicious and exotic.
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Kwun Ya Kai - Taipa


Kwun Ya Kai, Taipa, Macau