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Macau.com’s Tasting Kitchen Launches in Print


This summer, visitors to Macau can look forward to flipping open a print edition of the city’s premier dining guide.

MACAU, May 25, 2012 – Tasting Kitchen (http://www.macau.com/en/dining), Macau.com’s popular fine dining guide, was launched in print format this week. The magazine celebrates Macau’s finest restaurants, greatest chefs and most delicious food. The inaugural issue of Tasting Kitchen can be found inside the latest issue of DM magazine, Macau’s leading luxury lifestyle magazine. Both brands are owned by the Hong Kong and Macau-based Ignite Media Group.

“We are launching Tasting Kitchen magazine to showcase this city’s vibrant dining scene,” said Mark Hammons, Publisher and Managing Director of Ignite Media Group. “Our goal is to share our enthusiasm for all the great culinary experiences Macau has to offer.”

Tasting Kitchen features striking photography alongside compelling articles, chef profiles, tasting notes, restaurant reviews and a comprehensive restaurant guide. The highlight of the May issue is a 12-page photographic essay on the special ingredients Macau’s star chefs rely on to make their one-of-a-kind dishes.


Macau.com (http://www.macau.com) is the premier destination marketing and travel platform for hotel accommodation, shows, and travel products for Macau as well as Hong Kong and Southern Mainland China. The online content covers every aspect of the Macau experience from tourist and event information, to fine dining recommendations -- through the popular food and beverage channel - Tasting Kitchen, to shopping, resorts, and entertainment. Macau.com's services are targeted for Macau-bound travelers visiting from Mainland China, Hong Kong and high growth origin markets including Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Australia, Japan and Korea. Macau.com is a member of Ignite Media Group.


Ignite Media Group (http://www.igniteasia.com) is a growing media conglomerate of online, out-of-home and print enterprises dedicated to promoting Macau as a premier entertainment destination. The Group includes several market-leading media brands: Macau.com, Qoos.com, Aomen.tv, Destination Macau, EC-Ad, Directel Macau, Prism Productions, New Macau Box Offices, and Ignition, a boutique marketing agency with expertise in digital marketing, event management, public relations, and custom branding. Ignite Media Group is the exclusive Macau partner of several of Asia's Leading Media Brands including CNNGo, Foursquare, Groupon, ChinaMobile, Tencent, Jiepang, Youku.com, SINA, and OpenRice.com.


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