Macau's Coloane Island

Cafe Panorama Macau: Foyer Café Panorama

Café Panorama

Located on the ground floor of the Coloane Resort in Coloane, Café Panorama offers its guests a wonderful, bri...
Miramar: Entrance Miramar


Miramar is a restaurant, highlighting the best of Portuguese cuisine, located on Hac Sá Beach, Coloane. The re...
Kwun Hoi Heen: Special Crafted Dishes for Chinese New Year Kwun Hoi Heen

Kwun Hoi Heen

Indulge in the exotic tastes of dim sum and other Cantonese specialities at Kwun Hoi Heen in the Grand Coloane...
Macao Giant Panda Pavilion Macao Giant Panda Pavilion Macao Giant Panda Pavilion

Macao Giant Panda Pavilion

The Macao Giant Panda Pavilion is a 3000 square metre state-of-the-art panda facility. Inside are indoor activ...
A-MA Cultural Village Macau: Birdview A-Ma Cultural Village

A-Ma Cultural Village

The large A-Ma Cultural Village embodies Macau’s worship of A-Ma (also known as Mazu and the Queen of Heaven),...
Restaurante Parque Hac Sa Macau: Entrance Restaurante Parque Hac Sa

Restaurante Parque Hac Sa

Located in Hac Sa Park Coloane, Restaurante Parque Hac Sa is a family-friendly restaurant. The restaurant offe...
St. Francis Xavier Chapel Macau: Exterior Chapel of St. Francis Xavier

Chapel of St. Francis Xavier

Built in 1928, the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier in Coloane reflects the much older Baroque architectural style...
Chan Seng Kei in Macau:Exterior Chan Seng Kei

Chan Seng Kei

Standing next to the old baroque-style Chapel of St. Francis Xavier in Coloane for over 70 years, Chan Seng Ke...
Tam Kung Miu: Exterior Tam Kung Miu

Tam Kung Miu

This temple, with a fine toll roof decorated with porcelain figures, is dedicated to Tam Kung, a Taoist god of...
Fernando’s Restaurant Fernando’s Restaurant

Fernando’s Restaurant

Open since 1986, Restaurante Fernando is located on the Southern side of Coloane Island, close to Hac Sa Beach...
Pousada de Coloane Beach Hotel and Restaurant: Entrance Pousada de Coloane Beach Hotel & Restaurant

Pousada de Coloane Beach Hotel & Restaurant

The Pousada De Coloane Beach Hotel and Restaurant offers guests a traditional Portuguese gastronomy dining exp...
Parque Hac Sa: Entrance Hác-Sá Reservoir Country Park / Grass Slides

Hác-Sá Reservoir Country Park / Grass Slides

Situated next to Hac Sa Beach, the Hác-Sá Reservoir Country Park/Grass Slides has a wide variety of activities...
Cafe Nga Tim Macau: Outdoor Seating Nga Tim Café

Nga Tim Café

Located in Downtown Coloane, near St. Francis Xavier Church, Nga Tim Café offers guests traditional Portuguese...
Hac Sa Beach: View Hác-Sá Beach

Hác-Sá Beach

Hác-Sá Beach are popular with swimmers and sunbathers. The water is clean although it often appears brown beca...

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